Retrofit Double Glazing Windows

Wherever you live or whatever you do, having your windows double glazed will make your place nicer to live in.

Here are a few ideas why you should consider double glass windows in your home:

  • It is a dream come true, thermal wise.

It is a no-brainer to have your windows double-glazed nowadays. After all, the costs of heating and fuel are very costly.

It is proven to be thermally efficient. Hence it keeps as much heat as possible inside your house. After all, it is where it should belong. It is about time anyway to ditch your old window that happens to be seeping out not only your heat but also your money.

During the winter season, double glazed windows will save you lots of money. In addition, it will also help you to do the same during summer season. As a result, the cost of cooling can also be drastically lowered. Here is why. The glass serves as a barricade to the heat coming from the outside which is trying to penetrate your icy fortress.

In short, the windows will keep you warm during the winter and cooler during the summer.

Double glazed windows, most especially when used with acoustic glass practically insulates sound. If you happen to live along a busy highway, you can definitely enjoy your favorite television show in surround-sound.

Or maybe you live in a school district where kids are always passing by your house everyday giving you headaches. You can now cut off the noise they are making.

What if you live near a construction site or an airport? Or your neighbourhood is simply disturbing?

Thanks to your double glazed windows that will reduce the noise pollution.

  • Unsubstantial water damage

Here is an example of condensation: pouring cold water in a glass then it gets misty. It happens when the warm air is cooled.

Bid goodbye to your old single-paned windows for they cause serious issues with condensation; and it is bad when we are talking about windows.


Like the science experiment mentioned earlier, think of it as your house. When your air-conditioned windows come across with the heat coming from the outside, droplets of water will form from your windows. This will also happen if it is warm indoors and cold outdoors. However, the droplet themselves are harmless. The real damage will happen when the droplets go into the window frames or into the walls.

  • Finally, double glazed windows are eco-friendly.

Nowadays, glass manufacturers like Magnetite are using recycled glass for a better world. Retrofit double glazing is energy efficient. It reduces the consumption of fuel by controlling heat and cooling. That is by proper insulation.


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