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The Western Australian Museum

The Western Australian Museum is the state museum dedicated to Western Australians. This houses important artefacts and historical pieces that are involved in the Australian culture. The collection size found in the museum was approximately 4.7 million. These items usually range from the field of Zoology, Earth, and Planetary Sciences, Anthropology, Archaeology, and History.

According to this Perth business, the museum was established in 1891 with a name of Geological Museum. This is because the first artefacts consist of geological collections. This was added with ethnological and biological exhibits in 1892. The continuous addition of collections brought about the change of name in 1897 to Western Australian Museum and Art Gallery.

The Western Australian Museum has six museums and four collection facilities. These locations include Perth, Fremantle, Albany, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Each location caters and holds certain artifacts and collections that are highly important to the Australian community.

WA Land and People
This is a permanent collection that tells the story of Western Australia from the prehistoric times to the present day. It includes the dinosaurs, indigents, and other environmental issues experienced through these periods.

Diamonds to Dinosaurs
This collection features specimens from the moon and Mars. It also includes presolar diamonds and even dinosaur’s skeleton casts that were explored for over 12 billion years ago.

Dampier Marine Gallery
The exhibit explores the biodiversity that is present in the waters of Dampier Archipelago.

Mammal, Bird, and Butterfly Gallery
This gallery houses the extensive collections of various animals. It also includes the unique animals that are found only in the land of Australia.

Discovery Centre
This integrated space is designed to help children and even adults to interact and learn about the different aspects of the museum such as the different collections and research.
Maritime and Shipwreck Gallery
This includes galleries with themes such as the Indian Ocean, the Swan River, fishing, and maritime trade. One of the main highlights in this gallery is the Australia II, which is a yacht that won in the America’s Cup in 1983. Another highlight in the gallery is the submarine known as HMAS Ovens. The reconstructed hull from the Batavia is also displayed in the museum. This is a reconstruction of the ship that wrecked off of the coast of Western Australia.

Research Department
The museum is also equipped with an extensive research program. This includes museum scientists and curators that are specialising in several fields. Some of which includes the field of aquatic zoology, archaeology, anthropology, earth sciences, maritime, and history. The museum also houses specialist in materials conservation for proper care and maintenance of the displays and collections.

Continuous developments are being done in the different branches of Western Australian Museum. This is to ensure that only the best displays and collections are being offered to guests. The development plans are carefully studied and well funded to ensure that all artefacts are well taken cared off at all times. Remember that these are parts of the colourful history of several generations. And that it always serves as a wonderful memory, reminder, and learning for the younger generations.


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