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Soundtite is a secondary window system that is specially designed to reduce noise through an existing
window or door. The system can slide horizontally or vertically to match the existing window function
and design. Soundtite is installed on the inside of the building to ensure maximum performance with
minimal impact on the appearance of the building’s exterior.


Features & Benefits

Secondary System for Superior Noise Reduction

As a secondary window, Soundtite is able to create a larger air cavity than traditional double glazing or replacement windows. The larger the air cavity between the existing window or door and
your Soundtite system, the better the sound reduction. Independent testing has shown that Soundtite can reduce the noise through a window by up to 70%. This means that the indoor environment is less affected by outside noise pollution allowing you the comfort and relaxation you deserve.

Aluminium Frame Easily Colour Matched

The use of an aluminium frame allows the Soundtite system to be easily colour matched to existing powder coated or anodlzed windows and doors. This means that the Soundtite installation will blend with the existing decor of the home to maintain the look and feel of the room.

Acoustic Seals Minimise Draughts

Soundtite is designed to accept a combination of fin and q-lon acoustic seals. The seals run along the front and back perimeter of the entire window, minimising the sound that seeps in through the joins of standard aluminium windows. By reducing air leaks, Soundtite provides for a more comfortable and quiet home or office.

Laminated Glass for Safety and Performance

Soundtite accepts both 6.38mm and 10.38mm laminated glass. Laminated glass is a safety glass that complies with Australian Standard 1288. Laminated glass has also been shown to reduce
noise better than traditional float glass. Safety and performance give you peace of mind that you have made the correct choice in the Soundtite system.

Sliding Sashes for Ease of Use

Unlike traditional windows and doors all of the glass section of the Soundtite system are designed to slide for ease of opening and cleaning. This also allows quick and easy access to fresh air for ventilation. Soundtite allows you to keep your home healthy, clean and looking great.



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