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Seven Ways To Enhance Kerb The Appeal Of Your Home

When the time is coming to sell your home, you need to do everything you can to get it in better shape. That includes the exterior of your home, which needs to be in tip-top shape. As a matter of fact, 7 in 10 home shoppers list the kerb appeal of a home as a critical factor in their buying.

1) Replace the Front Door:

You might have gotten so used to your front door that you can’t remember what color it is, but the front door speaks volumes about your home. A high-caliber front door makes you feel secure when you walk in your home, and it might provide security depending on how robust it is. It’s your literal chance to make a first impression. Per data from House Logic, a typical 20-gauge steel door runs around $1,200. However, that’s an investment which adds home value when you sell. If your door is a high-caliber replacement, you can recoup over 100 percent of your investment, and doubling your money is never a bad deal.

2) Update the Landscaping:

Over 9 in 10 home shoppers browse Internet listings when looking over things, so they’re going to be seeing pictures of your yard and home. You need to highlight your property in the best way you can if you hope to get Internet browsers to actually come visit physically. Bankrate has data suggesting that quality landscaping is something that will return two and a half times your money back in boosted home value. One landscape economist, John Harris, says that homes with upgraded landscaping sell for almost 30 percent more than others, and often faster on top of that.

3) Fresh Paint:

Many possible home buyers see not just their hopes and dreams, but also anything that they might have to work on in their homes once they might own them. If you want to decrease the stress of your buyers, repaint the home. It makes the whole place look fresh and enhances the look of the place. Your prospective buyers will also know that they are going to be able to settle in and not worry about that the first few years. Color choice is up to you, but neutral colors are going to appeal to a lot more possible buyers out there.

4) Automate Your Home:

One of the most rapidly expanding areas of the housing industry is that of home automation. Almost everyone carries a smartphone with them, and those that do typically have it with them all the time. So, the addition of wireless automation in your home could prove just the feature that swings a buyer your way. HomeAdvisor says the average automation installations run just over two grand, although you can downsize to just smart locks costing a few hundred dollars. Prices and returns on this investment vary, so consult your property professional to see what local buyers are looking for first.

5) Put Up a Privacy Fence:

The addition of a high-caliber fence can seriously alter the appearance and security of a property and home. The exact height and materials you use might depend on where you live, but fences typically go from 4 feet tall to 9 feet tall, and are made of stone or wood. Chain link fences are options that are secure, but they don’t give privacy, nor do they look good. An average wood fence will set you back roughly $2,500, but you can reasonably expect $5,000 added to your final property sale value.

6) Update the Windows:

If your home has older, single-paned windows, then you can modernize your home while upgrading its security and even reduce the energy costs of future residents or owners. Even while you live there with new windows, your energy bills should go down anywhere from $125 to $465. That’s projections from Energy Star. This might not be a feature that does recoup its cost in additional home value, but prospective buyers look for things like this, and thinking about saving money on utilities and enjoying additional security are the little things that can nudge a buyer over the finish line and choose your home over others that they are contemplating on the market.

7) Pressure Washing:

If you want the most bang for the buck in regards to refreshing your home’s exterior, then pressure washing is the way to go. Most folks don’t know just how very dirty their walkways and driveways are until pressure washing happens and they see the difference. Good-condition paint will be much brighter after this, welcoming visitors to your property. The price varies based on the size of the home and the lot, but it averages a few hundred bucks. If you want, you can rent the needed machine from almost all home improvement or hardware stores and then tackle it yourself.

These 7 enhancements all help make your home’s exterior something that helps you sell the whole home. Depending on your property, there might be other things you can add to boost the home value, be it a swimming pool, a back deck, or a garage. Check with your selling professional to know what buyers in your market are looking for, and what upgrades tend to pay for themselves. Find out how we can help you to enhance your home.


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