Retrofit Double Glazing Windows

Insulated glazing is also known as double glazing or double pane. There are two or three glass window panes isolated by vacuum or glass filled space to lessen the heat transfer across the building envelope.

Magnetite Double Glazing System

Magnetite Double Glazing System

The thickness of the units used for double glazing in Scarborough ranges from 3 mm to 10 mm. It may be even more if used in other special applications. For the most part, manufactured units have the same thickness of glass on both panes. On the other hand, special applications like acoustic attenuation may be needed in other variety of thickness that will be in line in the same unit.

It is the older generation of double-hung windows and storm windows. Conventional double-hung windows use a single pane or glass. As such, it will isolate the space of the interior from the exterior.

During the summer, a window screen is built on the exterior over the double-hung window. As a result, this will get rid of the animals and insects.

During the winter on the other hand, the screen is removed and substituted with a storm window. Thus, it will serve as insulator during the cold winter months.

Storm windows and screens take up so much time and labour.

Double glazed windows on the other hand, have very intact multi-layer of air and glass. As a result, storm windows is not necessary anymore. Screens then can be used all year round.

Modern windows that are double glazed usually replace the double-hung windows. Consequently, it improves the sealing of the upper and lower windows.

Spacer is what separates the two glass panes. It helps in reducing external noise.

Usually, spacers have desiccant that takes off the moisture inside the gas space during the manufacturing stage. As such, it avoid condensation that will possibly ruin the window.

Typically, these types of windows are made to order. However, there are also available standard units. If you want made to order double glazed window, you need to specify the following to the manufacturer: width, height, thickness of the glass pane, type of glass for each pain and the overall thickness of the unit.

Double glazed windows also help in having an energy efficient house or building. The thicker the space, the more efficient it is when it comes to insulation. The standard of the thickness is anywhere between 16-19 mm when measured at the middle of double glazed windows. In residential and commercial areas, glazing systems can meet the typical thickness of a double paned unit.


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