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Kings Park

The famous Kings Park is located on the western edge of the central district in Perth. It is a 4.06 square kilometre park with a mixture of grassland, botanical gardens, and natural bush land. This park is known to house a huge number of plants ranging in different kinds and forms. It also houses aboriginal arts and memorial gardens that depict the country’s history and culture. This is a must see for tourist and even for the locals not only for the beautiful landscapes but also for its historical backgrounds.

Botanic Garden
The Botanic Garden in the vicinity is the home for the several species of flora. It houses an estimate of 25000 species of flora found in Western Australia. Some of which include 324 native plant varieties and 215 fungi species. It also houses popular landmarks such as the Conservation Garden, Gija Jumulu Boab Tree, Pioneer Women’s Memorial Fountain and Water Garden, Centenary of Western Australian Women’s Suffrage Memorial, and Lotterywest Federation Walkway. These landmarks are suitable for bonding by family and friends as they offer a relaxing environment and ambience.

Synergy Parkland
The Synergy Parkland is a playground is suitable for children. The place has a lake and island where children can play and climb. A life-size dinosaur models are also present for better enjoyment and fun. One of the highlights in the parkland is the energy relate themes which are both beneficial and educational for both children and adults.

War Memorial
The State War Memorial Precinct is located on Mount Eliza. It is designed to overlook the Perth Water area. This is comprised of the Cenotaph, Court of Contemplation, Flame of Remembrance, and the Pool of Reflection. Each of which states an important meaning on the history of the country. Anzac Day dawn service is being held in the place every April 25 to commemorate the happenings of the past. This is commonly attended by more than 40,000 people as their form of honour and remembrance.

Honour Avenue
The Honour Avenue is a road planted with eucalyptus trees. Each of the trees has a plaque to honour the service given by the men who died while in action or duty of service.

Edith Cowan Clock
The Edith Cowan Clock is a clock tower located at the main entrance of the Kings Park. This is in commemoration to the first woman elected to an Australian parliament. This is also said to be the first civic monument erected to honour an Australian woman.

Aboriginal Art Gallery
The Aboriginal Art Gallery exhibits the works of Aboriginal artists. This showcased the talents of the Western Australia as well as the Northern Territory.

DNA Tower
The DNA Tower is the highest point of the park. It is a white double helix staircase with 101 steps. This tower is made using stones from the different towns and shires in Western Australia.

The Kings Park has many other features and highlights. Each of them has their own contribution and meaning to the history and development of Western Australia. This is the perfect place for learning and fun.

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