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Perth International Art Festival

The Perth International Art Festival is known to be the longest running cultural festival in Australia. This event is held annually in Western Australia. The festival usually runs from February to March. Common program features include contemporary and classical music, literature, visual arts, dance, theatre, and opera. Venues include local parks, restaurants, theatres and specially constructed venues.

Goal and Ambition
The festival’s goal and ambition are to lift the audience and to reach their expectations in the different forms of arts. This primarily aims to discover, explore, and express oneself through the chosen field. By doing this, the vibrant and resilient culture and traditions of Western Australia will be enhanced and much more appreciated by the younger generations.

The first festival was created by the University of Western Australia in 1953. This makes the Perth International Festival the oldest international festival in Australia. Also, this is said to be the oldest annual international multi-arts festival in the southern hemisphere. All forms of art activities are included in the festival. Performers from around the globe are participating in the said event giving the event a worldwide reputation for excellence.

Funding and Support
The festival has been operated by the University of Western Australia Nedlands campus. It has also been supported by corporate sponsors, local businesses and partnerships which are increasing in number each year.

The festivals have their own highlights. Each of the sets of performances was directed by the best artistic directors of their generations. The first artistic director was Prof Fred Alexander. This was followed by other great names in the industry. Some of them include John Birman, David Blenkinsop, Sean Doran, Lindy Hume, Shelagh Magadza, Jonathan Holloway, and Wendy Martin.

The performers of the festival are said to be the best in their chosen fields. The artists present great performances with the highest and international qualities. The overwhelming performances usually leave audiences in awe. Thus, tickets are sold out especially in performances of well-known artists.

The Perth International Art Festival usually house hundreds of thousands of audiences. The debut show presented an approximately 42,000 attendees. This has continued to increase in successful number every year. People gathered in certain areas, particularly beach, and enjoyed watching vocalists and musicians perform live in front of their eyes. Tickets were usually sold at a reasonable price for everyone to access and enjoy.

PIAF Young Creatives
The people behind the festival have opened the doors to the young artist and the like. They have created a development program known as Young Creatives. This provides the aspiring art professionals to pursue their dreams and become great artists. The group gives opportunities to develop one’s skills through participation and engagement with the festivals crews and members. This includes the artists, the practitioners, and the event itself.

Being part of the group of Young Creatives will allow better learning skills through the diverse programs lead by the directors, producers, and other artists. This is a simple yet very helpful way to create more passionate artists that will help contribute to the future of culture and arts in Western Australia.


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