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Retrofit double glazing Perth


retrofit double glazing Perth


Not all homes are designed equal. If yours has standard windows and doors and you dream of increasing your level of comfort, then consider the retrofit double glazing windows Perth homeowners have trusted for more than 10 years.

Magnetite is an award-winning product designed to improve the glass, frame and seal, therefore taking the whole window’s performance to a new level. Unlike the typical screens that make your home darker, Magnetite retrofit double glazing retains the existing natural light through your windows and allow you to enjoy the view.

Although the windows remain clear, the retrofit double glazing system enhances your thermal comfort during summer and winter, therefore increasing the energy efficiency of your home. The double glazed windows also reduce airborne noise coming from outside, making it suitable for homes next to busy roads or the ocean.

When you’re ready to install Magnetite double glazing, we customise our solution to solve the specific issue you’re currently facing with your home, whether that’s noise from free-way traffic or you want to reduce sun glare so prevalent here in Perth.

This retrofit double glazing solution is perfect for:

  • Heritage or historic homes
  • Strata villas, units and apartments
  • Busy urban areas
  • Medium to high density housing
  • Houses on the beach or next to rivers
  • Homes in the hottest and coolest parts of Perth, WA


magnetite double glazing systemHow Magnetite Is Retrofit Onto Your Existing Windows.

Magnetite is a smart retrofit double glazing system that’s seamlessly fitted without the need to replace the windows or make any structural changes to them. It can be installed on timber, aluminium and steel window frames.

Because the material weighs half the weight of glass, the installation is relatively quick, safe and easy. A Magnetite double glazing specialist attaches a slimline foam PVC frame to the inside of each window. This frame allows the clear optical-grade acrylic panel to attach to the window. The panel has a magnetic edging which creates an air-tight seal to prevent it from falling off. The gap between the acrylic panel and the window creates an air cavity which, when combined with the tight seal, acts as an insulation barrier.

That’s how noise is reduced and temperature adjusted.

Six Reasons To Use Magnetite?

  • Noise Reduction:

    soundproof windows and doorsCut it down by 70%

    If you live in a noisy area of Perth, Magnetite double glazing reduces the noise  and turns your home into a peaceful environment. This way, you can sleep better, stress less and improve your health. Whether you live next to a main road, airport, construction site or footy oval, the retrofit double glazing and its magnetic seal will minimise any noise as it comes through your windows. It also reduces draughts which conduct noise. Your Magnetite glazing specialist can also create a wider air cavity to boost the buffer.

  • Thermal Comfort:

    Comfy Temperature All Year Round

    For your general well-being, it’s recommended that you allow as much natural light as possible into your home. If your windows are not sealed properly, heat will escape through the gaps during winter and leak into your home during summer. The best solution is to install the Magnetite optical-grade acrylic glazing. It’s guaranteed to be six times more thermally efficient than glass.

  • Energy Efficiency: :

    Minimised Energy Use

    Magnetite helps you to increase the energy efficiency of your home, turning it into a greener home immediately. You’ll rely less on gas and electricity to heat and cool your home. You can play a greater role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving energy usage. The bonus? You save more money on your energy bills!

    Cooling Heating
    ★★★★★★ uPVC double glazed w/ argon gas and low e glass* ★★★★★★★☆ uPVC double glazed w/ argon gas and low e glass
    ★★★★★★ Magnetite 3mm w/ existing timber window *
    (74% improvement, U-value 2.5 W/m2K)
    ★★★★★★★☆ Magnetite 3mm w/ existing timber window
    (80% improvement, U-value 2.6 W/m2K
    ★★★☆ uPVC double glazed w/ air * ★★★★★ uPVC double glazed w/ air
    Timber single glazed ★★★ Timber single glazed
    0 star Aluminum single glazed 0 star Aluminum single glazed
    * Window has shading film
    Window Energy Rating Scheme – Custom Rating for Magnetite (Australia) Pty Ltd, AFTC, June 2010.
    Window Energy Scheme – Generic & Custom AFRC Ratings 2009.


  • Fits Existing Frames:

    Retrofit Double Glazing

     Whether it’s a window, door or skylight, the Magnetite retrofit double glazing system will fit. We customise the sizes and shapes to make it air tight when installed, and choose a colour that matches the windows. There’s no need to replace your windows. The sub frame will blend with the panel as one as they’re fitted into the existing window. As such, they won’t affect its appearance. The magnetic seal makes it easy for you to clean the windows or take the panel off to let some air in.

  • Best Service and Value:

    Award Winning Product

    Our company and our success with retrofit double glazing in Perth has only been possible due to the excellent customer service we continue to deliver. We go above and beyond to make sure you can rely on us to turn up when we say we would, and deliver top-notch service that would make you want to talk about us with your friends for months to come. As you don’t need to replace your windows to fit our Magnetite retrofit double glazing system, we also help you keep your costs down. It’s a cost-effective solution that’s super convenient to help you enjoy your cosy Perth home in peace and quiet.

  • Customisable Installation:

    Tailored For Your Decor

    Don’t worry about the colour. Our double glazing solution will sit nicely against any decor and furnishings on your windows.If you have fixed or moving sash windows that’s double hung, sliding or multi-pane, we can retro fit it. Even existing windows with casements or windows that have odd shapes. We have the ability to replicate their appearances and integrity with our state of the art retrofit double glazing. This is especially perfect for heritage and historic homes in Perth.

    Our Industry

    Our knowledgeable experienced Perth double glazing professionals are consistently updating their skills by keeping abreast of the latest developments in the windows and green building industries. Rest assured you’ll receive expert advice for the best solution for your home.

    We’re also active members of industry associations such as the Housing Industry Association, the Australian Windows Association, Ecospecifier, Green Star, and Window Energy Ratings Scheme.

  • How to get started

    Call Magnetite Perth double glazing on 9249 4088 today, or request a FREE quote for retrofit double glazing. Let us make your home more comfortable 



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