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Folk Tales About Double Glazing

Orientation, insulation, ventilation, shading, sealing and building size are few aspects to consider to have an energy efficient building. It is indeed very complex. To top it off however, Retrofit Double Glazing the windows play an important role.

There are so many window glazing companies in Australia who will tell you that they have the best service to offer. The question is, do they really? How so? Do they tell you the whole truth, nothing but the truth about double glazing?

Since double glazing is being promoted nowadays, there are so many myths coming out.

So before you start looking for the best service provider, here are a few things that you need to know:


1. Double glazing is not required by the building code

The Building Code of Australia makes sure that there is an equitable level of energy efficiency. In addition, there is an equal proportion in terms of the windows. Most importantly however, the requirements details about the performance and the usage of the windows. It does not say anything about what type or design.

Accordingly, the Building Code needs a particular window that will meet or top the performance levels. On the other hand, it does not order how that performance must be met. After all, there are a variety of available options for window designers to change the performance of a window.

2. Compared to single glazing, double glazing provides better thermal insulation.

The characteristics of energy efficiency of Australian window systems is perfected to meet the international standards. It can be found online through the website of Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).

WERS has ratings of around 3,000 window systems. Thus, it is Australian’s recognised source for window systems when it comes to energy efficiency.

The quote of non-solar heart loss or gain through a window is calculated based on the whole window. That includes the framing and the glazing. Then it is measured by the u-value. If the U-value is low, then the window has a greater blocking from heat flow. As such, it will provide a better insulation.

According to the WERS website, double glazed windows may possibly have a very low or better U-values. When compared to an aluminum-framed Altair Louvre Windows however, double glazed windows may have higher or worse U-values compared to single-glazed Altair Louvre Windows.

3. Double Glazing Scarborough does not necessarily improve the energy efficiency of a building.

If you want your building sealed up with an air conditioning system running 24/7, then this is a good idea. However, do you really want to work in an office like this? Most people still enjoy the fresh air by opening their windows anyway.

So is double glazing the best option for you? Always remember, to make an educated decision when it comes to having an energy efficient building. Call Magnetite Perth’s office to find out more today.


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