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Five Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Many of us live in poorly insulated homes. It can cost thousands to keep a poorly insulated home warm during the winter months. However, our ancestors had many secrets to keep their homes warmer at minimal cost. Thanks to modern infrared cameras and a variety of environmental physics, it’s now easy to understand why these methods worked and to determine how effective they are at keeping our homes warmer.

The fact is the more heat that is lost due to radiation of the surroundings, the more likely you are to be cold. For this reason, your home may be icier after you’ve gone through a winter break and turned up the central air thermostat. While the air is warming, the walls are going to take longer to warm up and will be radiating cooler temperatures that may make you shiver for a day or so until the walls warm back up to temperature.

In this same fashion, a poorly insulated house may have an external skeleton that is far colder than the internal skeleton of the home. This can make you feel very cold.

Thankfully, there are five easy ways to keep your home warmer and reduce your energy costs.

Close The Curtains At Nighttime

During the days, utilize the radiant heat that comes through the windows, at night. Close the curtains to keep this heat in the house. The less cold air that can get into the room, the warmer the house. Allow the sun in during the day and close the curtains at night when it’s cooler. You may even have frost on the windows so be sure that you take the necessary step. Find out more about energy efficient windows here.

Even if you have double glazed windows, you may find that they still cool down and allow colder air into your home at night. You can lose as much as 50 to 100 watts per square meter which are about the same as running a light bulb all night long.

The best preventative measure is to use curtains that are insulated and close them at night. If you have blinds, lower those as well. This can save you a lot of money in the long run and add some insulation to your home that will help to keep it warm.

Cover The Walls

Keep in mind that stone or brick walls are better insulators than glass walls. However, they can still cool down. External walls may fall as low as 16 to 17 degrees Celsius and let the heat escape.

You can save a lot on your energy if you simply use pictures and mirrors to help cover the walls. Even a thin poster can help to add more depth to the wall and save some of that heat. Framed pictures and mirrors are an ideal thing to put on your walls and keep your home warmer. If you have a tapestry or carpet, all the better.

Bookshelves work well too. Old books are ideal insulators. And they say books are a worthless investment. Books are an ideal means to keep your room warmer.

Printed books have a purpose in addition to reading them. Your thermal books can’t do that.

Cover The Front Door

Buy a thick door curtain and use it. Keeping your door covered can help to insulate your room even more. This can eliminate any drafts or loss of heat.

Use Screens

Even if the heat you’re trying to save is mostly on the walls, the screen will give you an extra layer of protection against the door. You can huddle up to the fire and know that your screen is keeping your house warmer. Better yet, use a fireplace and have a screen there as well. This can help the fire to radiate around the room.
Position Furnishing In The Warm

Place furniture closer to the middle of the room and farther away from outer walls. This will help to create more of a barrier between you and the colder outside walls. Place furniture closer to internal walls and focus on reflecting heat back into the room.

Place your desk farther from the window that it looks over. This will help to keep you warmer. Choose solid wood and make sure that your windows are closed with drapes or curtains at night.

Use a headboard against any outside walls in your bedroom. This will help to keep your bedroom warmer and prevent drafts. It acts as a barrier against the colder air from the outside when you do this.

Now that you have several ways to keep your house warmer, you can go through your home and adjust things so that you’ll stay warmer. This should help you to keep warmer during the colder winter months. It turns out that grandma had some pretty good ideas when it came to keeping the house warmer during the cold winter months. Just a few of these ideas can save you a small fortune on your heating bills. Using all of them can save you thousands of dollars over the harsh cold winter months in colder regions of the country. Try one or all, and you’ll save money too.

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