Retrofit Double Glazing Windows



How much noise will it stop?

Specific types of noise:

How does it work?

How much is a standard size window?

What happens with blinds and shutters?

What if I don't have a 10cm window frame or sill for the Magnetite?

Can I do it myself?

Can it be installed straight to the glass?

Is it glass / what is it made of?

Does the acrylic yellow or craze?

Are the windows tinted? Can you see through the window?

Can you tint the acrylic?

How heavy are the panels?

How do I open the window?

What about sliding doors?

What does it look like, is it obtrusive?

What colours do you have?

How do you clean it?

Is there a warranty?

How long will the magnetic seal last?

Types of windows

What about my front door?

What about my vents?


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