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Double Glazing Wangara

Everyone’s talking about it. More homes in Wangara are into double glazing. If you haven’t heard yet, double glazing windows and doors does not only sound proof your house, but insulates it and saves you much on energy cost. If you want these benefits, for your own home, let Magnetite do it for you.

Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing is known to offer excellent products and services in soundproofing and insulating homes in Perth. Now, Magnetite is double glazing Wangara.

Double Glazing Wangara

Double Glazing Wangara

With Magnetite, you can enjoy the benefits of double glazing without replacing your windows. They can tailor suit your needs with their range of windows and door solutions to improve the performance of your existing windows and doors. Customising to customer needs is an understatement because Magnetite does not only cater to the improvement of windows and door performances on sound proofing and insulation but offers the best solution that fits the customer’s budget.

Double glazing Wangara wouldn’t be a problem with Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing. You can avail their tried and tested high quality products so that you can Magnetite, Soundtite, or Solartite your home.

Magnetite windows are designed to improve your existing window glass, frame, and seal making it more durable an efficient in its performance. Among its benefits, Magnetite windows allow you to enjoy the view since the room doesn’t get darker but permits the natural light to illuminate the house. Even with clear windows, the Magnetite double glazing system improves thermal comfort inside the home to give you utmost comfort on summer and winter. As an effect of double glazed windows, Magnetite reduces noise from outside giving you more peace and quiet in the home.

Soundtite is Magnetite’s solution to noise reduction in the home. This is a secondary window system using high quality laminated glass which is known to reduce noise and is reinforced with acoustic seals along the perimeter of the windows that guarantees soundproofing your home. It is also applicable with existing glass doors. Magnetite’s Soundtite sytem uses aluminium frame for best colour matching to the existing décor of the home. Since Soundtite uses sliding sashes, you easily slide open windows and doors for fresh air and ventilation.

Solartite works with Magnetite in reducing radiant heat in the home. Solartite offers three range of window films you can choose from to suit your need for appearance, building structure and privacy: the Heritage series, the Modern series, and the high performing Ultra series. Solartite, guarantees you 99% UV reduction, daytime privacy, improved comfort, and energy efficiency in your home.

So, when double glazing Wangara, think of Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing. Visit our showrooms today.


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