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Ever heard of Soundtite, Magnetite, and Solartite? These are the amazing products of Magnetite, the company that’s double glazing Morley.

Soundtite, Magnetite, and Solartite are double glazing systems that can be installed without window replacements. Each of these products improves the acoustic quality, thermal and insulation conditions, and energy efficiency of the home, office or any building structure.

However, with Soundtite, superior noise reduction is achieved with a secondary window system that is installed on the inside of the building so as not to create alterations on the building’s exterior while ensuring maximum performance.

Soundtite’s superior noise reduction features include:

  • larger air cavity between existing window or door and the Soundtite system
  • combination of fin and q-lon acoustic seals that run along the front and back parameter of the entire window minimising draught and air leaks
  • Use of laminated glass which passed the Australian Standard 1288

The use of aluminium frame in the Soundtite system allows for colour matching to existing window and door frames keeping the home maintain or blend with its décor.
Also, the Soundtite system is designed to slide vertically or horizontally to match the existing window functions and to allow easy access to fresh air to keep a healthy environment in the home.

Another amazing product is the Magnetite double glazing.

Magnetite fits seamlessly with existing windows and can be installed on timber, aluminium, and steel window frames. This is done by attaching a slimline foam PVC frame to the inside of the window. The optical-grade acrylic panel is attached to the window with magnetic edgings creating an air-tight seal. The air cavity in the gap between the existing window and the Magnetite system acts as the noise and insulation barrier. The benefits that people in Morley can get from Magnetite include:

  • Noise reduction down by 70%
  • Comfortable temperature in the home, office or building all year round
  • Minimise and save on energy cost since there is less reliance on electricity for heating and cooling systems
  • Customized fittings to match the existing windows or doors

When the Magnetite system is combined with the Solartite system, the applied film on the existing window reflects the sun’s heat before it reaches the air cavity between the existing window and the Magnetite system. With Solartite solar control film, homeowners can enjoy daytime privacy, reduced cooling cost, and protection from glare and UV rays.

Excellent customer service, cost-effective solutions, highly trained specialists, and high quality products are provided by Magnetite in double glazing Morley.

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