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If your home has standard window and doors, now is the time to consider to upgrade. Consider double glazing in Jandakot. For over 10 years now, homeowners have trusted us when it comes to Glazing system.

Do you know that Magnetite can take the performance of your windows to a whole new different level? That is because Magnetite has been awarded to advance your frame, seal and window glass. Typically, window screens turn your home darker. Magnetite on the other hand keeps the natural light coming from the rays of the sun. As a result, go ahead and enjoy the view of mother nature at the comfort of your own home.

Keep your windows clear as double glazing jandakot helps improve your thermal comfort on summer and winter seasons. Consequently, it will improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you live along a busy road or by the seashore, our product will get rid of the noise coming from the outside.

Here is another good news we would like to share with you for we value our customers: Magnetite can be customised. Whatever your issue you are facing in your home, we can fix it for you. It may be noises coming from the hustle and bustle of the cars or your noisy and nosy neighbours.

If you have one, two or few of the following, then Magnetite is perfect for you:

  • Ancestral homes
  • Busy urban places
  • Heritage or historic homes
  • Houses next to beaches or rivers
  • Houses in the hottest and coolest areas of Australia
  • Apartments
  • Medium to high dense houses

Are you still thinking twice about having your windows replaced? No need to worry because having Magnetite windows is easy breezy. Because Magnetite can into on your current windows. Whether your window frames are made out of aluminum, steel or timber, it can be installed. The structure does not even have to be changed at all.

Since the weight of Magnetite is only half of the weight of a glass, installation is by comparison very fast. In addition, it is safe and easy. We have a Magnetite expert who will secure a slimline foam PVC from the interiors of each window. As a result, the frame will let the clear optical-grade acrylic panel to be fastened to the window. To prevent the window from falling off, the panel has a magnetic edging. Thus, it is now airtight.

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