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In Western Australia, you will find the beautiful city of Joondalup where the people enjoy a warm and temperate climate in the summer and winter’s usually rainy.  The average temperature of 18ᵒC can be colder when winter comes.

To keep themselves warm in winter and cool in the summer, some residents of Joondalup resort to double glazed windows.

Double coated windows provide insulation in the home as it prevents the heat from escaping during the winter keeping the room warm.   During summer, when it’s hot and sunny, the double glazing in Joondalup windows create the reverse effect.  It prevents unwanted heat coming from outside to enter thus, keeping the room at a cool temperature.  This saves energy and reduces electricity bill from heaters and air conditioning units. double glazed window in Joondalup

Providing thermal insulation to create a more comfortable home is not the only benefit that the residents of Joondalup can get from this type of window in Perth.   It also prevents the buildup or formation of moulds in the home as double glazed windows lessens condensation.

Not only does this type of window provide thermal insulation, it also creates sound insulation.   The double glazed windows create a barrier reducing external noise.  This makes the home enjoy a more peaceful and quiet environment.

Unlike single pane windows, double glazed windows are tougher to break.  The tightly sealed double glazed windows are also more difficult to open from the outside. This makes the home more secured from external intrusion and increase security in the home.

For those who are concerned with protecting their home furnishings from sun damage, double glazed windows can help lessen sunlight and heat that enters the room making your carpets and furniture safe from damage.

Double glazing is not only good for windows but can also be applied with glass doors as well.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you consider this for your home.

SoundproofingThe process of glazing the windows is usually done with the panes having a space that ranges from 6mm to 20 mm.  Experts however, suggest that a minimum space of 12mm between panes be observed to achieve the most favorable thermal insulation.

Also, consider the gas that is used to fill the space between the panes of double glazed windows or glass doors.  Argon is the most popularly used due to its low conductivity properties which can help improve insulation.

Finally, consider the type of glass to be used.   There are a wide range of glass types offered by companies in Joondalup.  There’s the low-e glass, which is recommended for thermal insulation, and the laminated panes, which are thicker, recommended as ideal for reducing external noise.

Magnetite windows does not only provide aesthetic value but provides these benefits to your home.


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