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Double Glazing Fremantle

Delighted with product performance for sound proofing and can now enjoy a good night’s sleep”, says Ian G. of Banksia Grove. This is just one of the many testimonials shared by satisfied customers of Magnetite Retrofit, the company that’s been revolutionizing double glazing systems. Now, Magnetite is double glazing Fremantle.

If you are a Fremantle resident bothered by the noise outside your home or want to save on energy cost or simply want to make your home more cosy and peaceful, you can avail of the expertise of Magnetite Retrofit for double glazing, soundproofing, and heat and glare reduction of your homes. With their Magnetite, Soundtite, and Solartite systems, double glazed Fremantle windows and glass doors is now possible without replacing them.

Double Glazing Fremantle

Double Glazing Fremantle

Magnetite is a retrofit double glazing system where a secondary window is installed to the existing one. A slim line foam PVC frame is attached to the inside of each window to allow the clear optical-grade acrylic panel to attach to the window. These panels are tightly sealed with magnetic edgings and create an air cavity. It can be installed on timber, aluminium, and steel window frames. With the Magnetite system, noise is reduced and thermal insulation is improved in the home.

When Magnetite is worked with Solartite, you get the added advantage of protecting your home from damaging effects of UV rays. Solartite has three window films you can choose from:

  • Heritage series. These low sheen with neutral to grey tints are ideal for heritage homes preserving their character despite of the structure upgrades.
  • Modern series. Like the Heritage series but with neutral to bronze tint, these films are for homes and buildings with views since they have low internal reflection at night.
  • Ultra series. These are high sheen solar films ideal for laminated glass. This is ideal for windows and doors that are more exposed to the sun’s heat.
    If you are bothered with the noise outside and you want to get the most effective solution to noise reduction, Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing offers its Soundtite system.

Soundtite, creates a larger cavity than the traditional double glazing. It has been found that the Soundtite system reduces the noise through a window by 70% allowing for a more peaceful and comfortable, home regardless of the outside environment.

With the company’s fully trained licensed installers, installation time of double glazed windows and doors are reduced to minimize disruption in the home or office.

To fully cater to double glazing Fremantle, the company offers their excellent services to suit your double gazing needs.

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