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Double Glazing Canning Vale

Have you ever experienced being bothered by the noise outside your home and wished for a way to block it so you can have peace and quiet? Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing can help you reduce if not get rid of the noise that’s coming from outside by soundproofing your windows and doors.

Committed to providing excellent service in terms of tinting windows and glass doors since 2006, the incorporation of double glazing in the business has brought Magnetite into the fore of servicing Western Australia and is now double glazing Canning Vale.

Homes and offices in Canning Vale can now avail of its great benefits without replacing existing windows and doors. Magnetite is known for its high quality products and reliable customer services over the years. Their window glazing specialists can provide customers with the best product that suits their needs. Since these products are of light but durable, tried and tested materials, they can be installed within the shortest time possible minimizing disruptions in the home or office activities.

Double Glazing Canning Vale

Double Glazing Canning Vale

With Magnetite’s superior quality products namely: Magnetite, Soundtite, and Solartite, your home will never be the same again.

For those with standard windows and doors, the Magnetite system can increase the level of comfort in the home by reducing external noise, and improving thermal insulation to keep the home cool on hot days and warm in cold days.

Magnetite’s system with its magnetic seal reduces draughts thus minimizing the noise that enters through windows by 70%. With Magnetite’s optical-grade acrylic glazing, customers are guaranteed thermal comfort six times more efficient than the regular thin window glass. Since Magnetite keeps the home thermally efficient, homeowners saves money on energy bills due to heating or cooling systems that rely on electricity.

Also, Magnetite’s system fits all types of window and door frames so there is no need to worry about replacing existing windows. The company’s specialists can customize sizes, shapes, and colours to fit and blend with the existing windows. Plus, its magnetic seal makes cleaning the glass windows easily.

When Magnetite is constructed with Solartite, homeowners get the maximum protection from radiant heat with the films that are applied to the inside layer of an existing window. However, for superior noise reduction, Soundtite system’s larger air cavity than traditional glazing systems is perfect.

Magnetite is not only double glazing Canning Vale with the best services and products but helps customers to keep costs as low as possible.

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