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Noise reduction, custom installation, cost-efficient, and excellent customer care and service are just some that would describe Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing, the company that is now double glazing Balcatta.

Because of our high quality products and reliable customer care services and highly trained updated specialists, customers keep going back to Magnetite company.

We tailor suits the glazing project and installation to the home or building structure’s needs and owner preferences doing this at the lowest cost possible but without sacrificing quality of material and service.

Magnetite, an award winning company offers residential and commercial services in double glazing Balcatta.

  • Residential. Satisfied residents can attest that Magnetite’s system can improve the quality and comfort of homes in Balcatta by working on existing windows without replacing them. Double glazing residential windows with Magnetite reduces noise by 70% and improve thermal performance also by 70 %. This translates to a more comfortable and peaceful home and a savings on energy costs. Also, unlike window screens, the attachment of clear optical-grade acrylic panel retains natural light that allows homeowners to enjoy the view outside. Magnetite specialists works closely with homeowners to provide them with the best solution to solve their specific needs whether to reduce noise from outside or reduce sun glare.
  • Commercial. Magnetite also work on existing commercial windows. Inefficient commercial windows does not reduce noise from outside and can allow heat or cold to seep in the building making it very hot in summer and cold in winter. This may cause discomfort and inefficiency of performance among staff as well as increase in energy cost for cooling and heating systems in the building. Magnetite has been known for their expertise in both thermal insulation and soundproofing for commercial windows with their proven and tested solutions.

Whether it’s for residential or commercial, Magnetite provides tried and tested solutions that are custom fit to any window without replacement or major structural changes or renovations. Their highly trained and skilled experts can quickly and efficiently install the windows to minimise disruption of regular activities in the home or commercial establishment.

Magnetite prides itself with our extensive knowledge and experience in glazing keeping updated with the latest trends and developments in the industry to provide the best products and services in double glazing Balcatta.

Magnetite’s credibility is supported by our active participation in various reputable organizations such as the Australian Windows Association (AWA), Facility Management Association (FMA), Window Energy Ratings System (WERS), Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), and Ecospecifier.

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