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Double Glazing in Scarborough

Double glazing  saves energy because double glazed windows provide the home with thermal insulation that traps the heat inside the room and prevents it from escaping as well as prevents external heat from getting in.  This makes residential houses with double glazed windows warmer during the cold days and cooler on hot summer days than those with only a single-paned or single-glazed window.

Double glazed windows also reduce the noise coming from outside giving the home a quiet environment.  When used with tinted glass on the outside, double glazed windows reduces the amount of ultraviolet rays from the sun and helps protect home painting, carpets, and furnishing from sun damage.

If you are doing a new build like a new home, an extension or refurbishment, it is advisable that you order the double glazed windows to be installed.  Most double glazed windows use uPVC  frames which are highly efficient thermal and sound insulator.

However, if you want to cut on cost and your existing frames are still in good condition and they look well with the design of the house, you may choose to do this for your existing window. You can order double glazed windows and replace your single paned or single glazed windows.  There are shops and companies in Joondalup who offer these services.

However, if you are confident to double glaze your existing window yourself, all you have to remember is the basic principle of double glazed windows:  keeping air in between two layers of glass.  Here are some things to consider:

Measurement.   Measure your glass window and purchase your desired glass sheets, preferably use low-emissivity glass from a glass or acrylic dealer.  They will cut the glass according to the measurements for free.  Remember to have the glass cut by a margin of about 1 cm all round if  your windows are fixed but if with latches, the added glass layer should be exactly the same size as the existing window glass.

Materials.  You may need to choose the best quality of 2-3mm thick Perspex (acrylic), and self-adhesive magnetic strips.

Whether installing new double glazed windows, or retrofitting existing ones, more and more homes are turning to Magnetite’s products to make their living more comfortable.


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