Retrofit Double Glazing Windows

Double glazing is the process where a window is constructed with two panes of glass.  These are joined together with a space between them, which is usually filled with air or gas, and sealed tight.  A moisture absorbing agent is also placed between the panes to absorb moisture.

More homes in Joondalup in Australia are resorting to the installation of double glazed windows to improve thermal insulation in their houses to economize and save on energy bills from the use of heating systems in winter and cooling systems in the summer.   This insulation provided by double glazed windows helps reduce condensation and prevents the formation of moulds during cold weather.

Also, double glazed windows do not only make a home warmer but it also makes it quieter since glazing windows help reduce external noise.  It also adds aesthetic value to the house and because of their structure; double glazed windows are tougher to break thus providing security in the home.

For best performance of double glazed windows, there are a few things to consider.  Experts suggest that when double coating the windows, consider using frames with a thermal break, use  low-emissivity glass  (Low-E), use plastic or stainless  steel in separating the glass panes, and prefer using inert gas filling than air for better insulation.

There are various companies around Joondalup that offer glazing services and products.  Each company offer their unique double glazed products and services.  These companies and shops offer a variety of glazed windows and doors that suits the client’s budget and needs.

When purchasing double glazed products and hiring expert installation services, you may want to consider the materials used in the products and the perks that come with them.  For instance, the glazed windows and glass doors may come with specialized locking systems.  More importantly, check that the materials passed Australian Standards and are suitable to the weather conditions in Joondalup.

Since double coated windows is also intended for saving energy, try checking out the u-value of the material.  This is the measure of how easily heat passes through the window.  You may ask this detail from the dealer if this is not indicated in the glazed product.

Also, in employing the service of a retrofit double glazing company or shop, it is beneficial for you to be aware of your rights as a customer.  Try familiarizing yourself with the laws and regulations in consumer contracts.  These are things that you might want to consider when purchasing double glazed products. See this page for more info. Or call Magnetite in Perth today to find out more


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