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The City of Perth in Western Australia

Perth is the capital of Western Australia. This is known to be the largest capital city of the Australian state. It is characterised by a laid-back environment with beautiful beaches combined with sophisticated cosmopolitan surroundings. The lifestyle of the locals provides an appealing and stylish atmosphere. Visitors and tourists are welcomed by the easy going character of the people and the place. Thus, Perth offers a full range of exciting and thrilling activities for all. Discover more about this Perth company here.

Geography and Location

Perth has a total land area of 6,417.9 square kilometres. It is geographically located -31.95 latitude and 115.86 longitudes. The elevation of the place is situated 34 meters above sea level. Perth is relatively composed of diverse areas which include suburbs, metropolitan, and fresh water. Parts of it are set on the Swan River, which is named after the native black swans discovered in the place by Willem de Vlamignh. The city area is known to be the most suburbs. It is located on the sandy and flat Swan Coastal Plain, which lies in between the Darling Scarp and the Indian Ocean. The metropolitan area is situated along the coast of Two Rocks and Singleton. The freshwater area is located from Herdsman Lake to Claisebrook Cove. Generally, Perth is a flat and rolling land with sandy soils and river systems.


Perth’s climate may vary depending on the time of the year. Summer occurs from December to March, with February being the hottest. This is generally hot and dry. It is characterised by clear and sunny days. Winter occurs between the months of May to September. This is relatively cool and wet. It is characterised by the wet but mild annual rainfall. The climate in Perth is primarily a mixture of Californian and Mediterranean climates which include mild winters and hot dry summers.


Perth is known to be the fourth most populated city in Australia. It has approximately 2 million residents. This population is composed of diverse groups which include English, Australians, Irish, Scottish, Italian, and Asians. Among these groups, British and Irish-born residents have shown high proportions in the population. Through the years, the place has been inhabited by other communities and migrants from all over the world, which makes the place even more diverse in terms of cultures and traditions.


Perth offers a wide array of business opportunities. It is known to dominate industries such as mining, petroleum, and agricultural export. Perth has also been known to engage in manufacturing which gives more opportunities in terms of trade and business. The numerous industries have offered new job opportunities leading to further development and growth of the place. Also, the changes and innovations have shown great impact that leads to further development of the economy of Perth.

Truly, Perth is one of the ideal places to live and to start a family. It offers not only the beautiful environment but also a vast economy. Perth is equipped with rich and prosperous resources making it more interesting and more fascinating. The people are friendly and sociable adding more life to the neighbourhood. Overall, Perth is a place blessed with numerous beautiful and enchanting reasons to live and visit.


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